Best ipad apps for filmmakers


I forget my apple iphone is really a phone sometimes. I apply it a lot of things hearing music, browsing the net, editing documents. I additionally utilize it a great deal when I am creating a film. I am less gung-ho as many people are, but you will find a number of apps that I have found indispensable.

 Best ipad apps for filmmakers

Here’s my ten most used iOS filmmaking apps. Should there be any I have overlooked, please share them within the comments!

10. Scripts Professional

After I bought my iPad, I’d flowery hopes for typing away on the script at Local cafe. Regrettably, word processing of any sort around the iPad could be a painful, frustrating experience. Scripts Pro aids in that some. To be the nearest factor we might find yourself getting to Final Draft on iOS, Scripts Pro will get my #10 place.

9. FiRe 2

FiRe is really a fully featured area recorder for recording audio on set. (Have it? Fi-eld Re-corder?). I’ve worries about utilizing an iDevice to record audio, because it requires jerry-rigging to connect microphones, and you are restricted to the standard from the hardware. An apple iphone isn’t any alternative for any proper mixer and area recorder, however in a pinch, FiRe is going to do all right.

8. Cut Notes

Synch Cut Notes with video playback, and you may log editing notes while you follow along. Timecode details are saved together with your notes, and you will find numerous quick preset messages to spare you fumbling to type &ldquofix jump cut.&rdquo When you are finished, you are able to export your notes as data that may be imported right into a Final Cut Pro timeline as markers. Handy!

7. Cinemek Storyboard Composer

Cinemek makes not only a storyboarding application. You are able to simulate camera pans, tilts, and zooms, and export a Quicktime video. You heard right, you are able to upright make animatics with this particular baby. It’s fully featured and you may easily go missing playing with the features.

However, if you want to sketch storyboards, take a look at Penultimate which handy storyboarding templates.

6. Index Card

When you are focusing on a script it’s useful to create moments on index cards and place them when needed. Index Card does exactly that, and incredibly literally too. You are given an online cork board and some blank index cards. You are able to color code, notate, tag and arrange when needed. It’s an enjoyable experience to utilize.

5. Evernote

Whilst not a bespoke filmmaking application, Evernote is a terrific way to collect and organize information. It’s type of like Twitter for the reason that it is difficult to explain why you need to utilize it, but when you decipher it it’s indispensable. The iOS application synchs instantly using the web and desktop versions, so that your details are never far.

A new comer to Evernote? I Recommend Brett Kelly’s Evernote Necessities.

4. Clinometer

It is a bubble level for the apple iphone! Easy pease. This ranks #4 on my small list since i utilize it constantly, mainly for visual effects on set. By using it I’m able to make certain props and rigs are straight, see if monitoring markers are level, and notate the different angles your camera might be moved at.

3. Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker is really a cinematographer’s dream. Fire up and it’ll plot the road from the sun over the sky. You may also switch on your iDevice’s camera and find out the sun’s path planned on an online overlay that tracks using the camera while you maneuver around.

Whenever we scout locations, I personally use Sun Seeker to discover in which the sun is going to be at the time in our shoot. I can tell if your building will block the sunshine in a certain hour, or determine once the sun will crest over an inconveniently placed tree.

It’s beefier (and much more costly) cousin, Helios, provides you with lots of extremely important searching scientific data concerning the sun at any time over time and space. Helios a little complicated in my reasons, and so i choose the simpler and equally accurate Sun Seeker.

2. Dropbox

If you are not using Dropbox, you have to. Dropbox installs a miracle folder on your pc, whose contents are instantly synched towards the cloud. All the files for the reason that folder are then accessible in the fantastic iOS application in addition to Dropbox’s secure website. I have lost tabs on the amount of occasions Dropbox has saved my butt.

You may also share folders between collaborators. We make use of a folder system to arrange our production documents, the like set, there is nothing greater than a couple of taps away.

1. Artemis Director’s Viewfinder

I personally use this a lot more than every other filmmaking application on my small apple iphone. Artemis Director’s Viewfinder, because the title suggests, enables you to employ your iPhone’s camera to simulate what your film camera might find. You are able to crop lower to the aspect ratio and choose some virtual contacts. Artemis will electronically zoom interior and exterior what the digital camera sees to precisely simulate your lens selection. You may also snap photos that record all of the pertinent data, including pan and tilt angles, and geographic coordinates.

Artemis comes with an extensive library of camera and lens presets covering from 1/3? DV cameras to 65mm film. I have examined it effectively from the Canon 5D, the Panasonic HPX-500, and The new sony F3.

Best ipad apps for filmmakers1 Best ipad apps for filmmakers

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